Here’s the most important videos from our Youtube channel.

The first 10 shows are the most important. Please note they have not been uploaded to Youtube in chronological order, as the shows from Talent 2008 was uploaded by many other people right after the contest, and it was only recently we decided to upload them ourselves as well.

After that, some fun stuff from travels, versions of the above shows performed in other countries  etc.
And in the end some videos from battles.
If you want to see all shows and all versions, go to the Robotboys Youtube channel.

RobotBoys With Minions

– a little preview of what it will belike when our theatre show is ready in January 2015! This is from CCC, and the Minions are:
Malthe Ørsted, Ali Haydar, Emilie Holte, Robin Bawer, Ibrahim Madsen and Nicky Andersen

RobotBoys return

– our own recording of our BGT 2014 audition

RobotBoys Typewriter

RobotBoys feat. Poppin John

Our show from October 2013, that was very well received:


Winner of Copenhagen Choreographer Contest 2012:


DubstEpic 2011

Red vs. Blue 2012

Robotboys 2050, part 1 (2011)

Robotboys 2050, part 2 (2011)

Remote Control 2010

PLEASE NOTE: On tablets, smartphones and in some countries the Youtube version will not play. If that is the case, you can see it HERE


Got Talent 2008 Finale


Got Talent Semi Final 2008

“The Symphony of the Robot Police”
Press the subtitle-button below the screen and see what they said

Got Talent Audition Show 2008

Press the subtitle-button below the screen and see what they said

Robotboys The Early Years 2006

Ukraine TV-version of DubstEpic and Got Talent Semi Final combined 2012


Goro Style 2012


Robotboys in Berlin 2010

Distortion Battle 2011

– watch your ears! Really bad sound!


Floor Wars 2010 Poppin Final

Super Jam Popping Semi Final 2008

Street Star Stockholm 2009 Showcase

– where you can see some of the moves that were invisible in the Got Talent Audition-video