As the year suggests, this show could also have been called:
Robot Old Boys.
Please note that the show is in 2 parts. It is obvious form the view counter that a lot people missed out on part 2, and that’s a pity, actually..

This time the dancers impressive body control is not spent on advanced and acrobatic moves, but to show how an aging body with stiff and aching joints staggers about – at least until it gets the daily shot of the simple stimulants: A pipe of tobacco and a cup of….coffee actually, though the Youtube viewers are eagerly placing wild guesses on the the nature of the consumed elixir:

”si this the viagra effect? 0_0”

 ”Whatever it is they’re drinking, I want it.”

 ”I need to know what they drank…my grandpa could use some.”

 ”that’s happen when old people use crack.”

 ”Or maybe a mix of coffee, Monster, and 100% proof whiskey. Just enough to make them loosey goosey, but also enough to rock some socks off.”

 “Actually FUNKadelic tea…”

 ”Oh the wonders of coffee…if only this really happened, I’d hang around old people more”

2050 part 2 screendumpOnce their bodies are invigorated, a minimalistic rivalry of old age’s other little privileges unfolds – e.g. who gets to sit in the comfy chair?

A superior highlight is in the very beginning of part 2, where one character is offstage. For a loooong time, all we hear is a scraping sound. Until eventually the other character slowly appears in one side of the stage, laboriously pushing forward a chair.

It takes a lot of nerve to dare take so long time building tension. When laughter is finally released, Robotboys have at the same time established themselves as outstanding dramaturges – far from the “watch-what-I-can-also-do”-dance shows.

Grumpy Old Men in the Robotboys-version is a hit among viewers regardless of age and nationality:

”It’s an awesome idea to perform the body of old persons! Robot boys are creative as usual, and that element with “walking in the air” is amazing!”

 ”You are….AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA­AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!! This are the videos that make me realize I’m only an amateur :/ xD”

 ”They are not from this planet, it is totally fantastic.”

”This entertained me. usually I watch a vid with a bored face. This made me go :D”

And the few viewers that ”dislikes” is immediately reprimanded by the majority:

”Who disliked this!!! SHOW YOURSELF!!!

Watch show here: Part 1Part 2 – or go to the video page.