This show was first staged at the Danish theatre “Nørrebros Teater”’s Late Night-event in early 2010, and one of the almost 3 million Youtube-viewers beautifully summed up the plot in this comment:

”Now that is cool. Fighting over the remote control, picking on each other and exploring different genres while pulling off awesome moves.”

Involvement of modern technology gives the classic Laurel & Hardy-like duo a twisted update.

And what device could be better suited for teasing each other than a remote control that is suddenly able to control your partner, who is left no other option than to wriggle like a helpless fish on deck on the your command – until he succeeds in stealing the remote and can take a cruel revenge, just as in a silent movie.

The setting is the simplest possible, yet effective. Light is used to create illusions of doors opening into alternative realms: A techno rave party, a romantic movie etc. – and the Robotboys’ hallmark, a thoroughly prepared soundtrack, contributes to the experience of travelling far and wide in this timeless tale.

A short version was aired in a popular German tv-program “Cindy aus Marzahn und die jungen Wilden” in April 2011.

The shows still inspires comments from new viewers on Youtube:

Wow. These guys are amazing. I can only imagine the work that goes into planning a 10-minute bit, memorizing it, and performing it flawlessly. Not to mention mixing the sound and the work that goes into matching it up perfectly. This is a pure pleasure to watch, simply awesome. Oh, beloved neighbor Denmark, you are so flat, but you house talent.”  -Raibaru

“This is why the robot boys are so great, and why many dance groups fail. You have to make your show FUN and FRESH. They tell a story, one you can actually understand and follow. Excellent performance! I’m gonna be searching for more of the robot boys :)“   –Kitana662004

“This was amazing. I wish I saw this live. Best 10 minutes ever spent online “   –deathdoll2

“Greatest popping Show I’ve ever seen…Creative, Innovative, Full Expression and I think They’re not just do Dancing..They do ART..! 😉 “   -servanterz11
Watch Remote Control on Youtube here.

In some countries, the Youtube version will not play. If that is the case, you can see it here: