The Symphony of the Robot Police

Robotboys’ semi final show in Denmark’s Got Talent 2008 is probably one Youtube’s most copied videos – not to mention the countless videos uploaded by young dancers, who have been inspired to rehearse the choreography and perform it themselves at local talent show, school dance e.g. from the Philippines to Mexico, in Europe and India and the Far East.

The show is 2 minutes long, but creates in just 4 beats a new reality it would have taken a lot of words to establish. Like a hookline that tells you: “This song will become a hit” from the moment you hear it for the first time.

Click: We perceive to figures standing in the middle of a clock face.

Click: The arms split up, now the clock has 4 hands..what happened?

Click: And here we go: The arms curl up and break the clock hands’ straight lines, forcing us to step out of time as we know it. Everything can happen in this new dimension, playfully established with the simplest graphical effect.

Click: The story’s frame is created AND destroyed in less that 4 beats in a way that is spontaneously grasped by anyone on earth between the age of 4 and 80..

Semifinale screendump 2

And the adventure can get started.

A tightly timed and perfectly performed choreography tells us a story of 2 robots in a race against the clock while a time bomb is ticking down.

But time itself is curled and twisted, allowing them to run in slow motion, tease each other and wink to he audience.

The first uploaded video clip of this show had reached well over 5 million viewers, before it suddenly went broke (ironically it actually began to playback in double speed). This was removed, but replaced by other copies (and copies of copies), the most popular of which is getting a lot of views every day.

When the Robotboys eventually got around to upload it themselves, they chose to make a subtitled version to accommodate the many questions about what the somewhat grumpy judge actually said?

Press the cc-icon under the film to se the subtitles.

Watch the show here or go to the video page

And as you can see other dancers have been…inspired 😉 :

Watch ideos from India (edited to compare with original)

and Philippines