”A World Class Act by any rigorous standard”

After several shows illustrating a story with a beginning, a logical storyline and an ending, Robotboys returned to a more visual graphical type of expression in the show Dubstepic.

Dubstep is a relatively new genre of electronic music with heavy beats and bass lines. And new listeners may begin here, cause in the 7 minutes long Dubstepic show you can literally see the music illustrated down to the last detail in a minutely choreographed dance with both tight and soft moves.

San Fran-kopi

The dance displays the rhythmic patterns, bringing attention to details you probably wouldn’t have recognized so fast only by listening.

And no sooner have you categorized this as a well-greased dancing machine as a big shiny insect stretches out it’s 2-3-4 arms, transforming before your very eyes in a sort of mechanical ballet that  doesn’t stop at being fascinating, but adds a strange beauty to the mechanics…or even a emotional dimension shown in facial expressions as the Transformers-like metamorphosis goes wrong..or when the mechanics leads the robots astray, so they end up hurting themselves.

(Photo: Joseph Schnell)

Dubstepic was uploaded to Youtube in November 2011 just before Robotboys went to USA to perform at the San Francisco HipHop Dance Festival, and it got 250.000 views in only one week!

Fans from all over the world commented with likes and wishes for the Robotboys to come to their country and perform – as you can see on their fast-growing Facebook site.

In San Francisco, the show was well received as well:

”The Robotboys from Denmark, appearing on both programs, made their San Francisco debut with ..maroon uniforms liberally decorated with gold making for militarily tinged smartness. Theirs was a minuscule movement of the legs, aided by swift turns and changes of direction; the arms moved like railroad semaphores awry with spring madness. Add solemn expressions and occasional wide-eyed wonder and you got it, a world class act by any rigorous standard.”
(This is a quote from http://woollywesterneye.wordpress.com/2011/11/ – scroll down a bit to find it.)