Robotboys have very intelligent fans 😉 And their comments and jokes is a great inspiration.
It was actually a Youtube-user who invented the name Goro style for one of our videos!

Here are just a few samples! There are countless out there!

(On InstruMentality:)
“… *starts to lower baseball bat in confusion and squint suspiciously* I dunno… they still look like mimes to me…”


“That was INSANELY tight …. tighter then my snow-pants after not wearing them for 13 years… thats tight..”


”This vid is filled with awesome sauce!!”


“bar, risen”

“I’m Anakin Skywalker, and i just fired C3-PO to hire those guys.”



“video should come with a warning, wear a helmet so you dont get brains everywhere for when they blow yo mind!!!!!”


”I know its probably not going to happen. But please come to western Canada to perform. I would make all of my friends go, so that’s like 4 people right there.”


“What if they’re actually robots from the year 9456 that successfully time traveled as refugees and are just doing this to be able to pay for electricity o_O”


And a Danish one:

” Thats a god optræden.
Maybe You kan use that, in another forestilling


“Wow—see this is the difference between dancing and Performing. They don’t even have to dance the entire time because they are so keen on knowing how to keep an audience interested and focused on everything they’re doing. This isn’t just a routine—it’s an act. Their passion for the craft they’ve created is palpable and attracts you to them. That’s the thing dancers today don’t seem to understand—-it’s not just about how much you’re moving, but How you do it. Acting is a very integral part.”


“I found Waldo!”
Watch this and you will understand 😉


And one more on that show:

“1:19 damn it physics! You had one job!”


“I’ll watch this in 2050 again”


O.O ┏(-_-)┓┗(•_•)┓ ┏(-_-)┓ ┗(•_•)┓ O.O


(on the Talent Semifinalshow:)
(And if you don’t know what a number station is, watch this:)


” There is good, execellent, extraordinary, epic, legendary, and this guys are waaayyy above that last one. Loved it!”


”Hello humans from 2012, I’m from the year 5102, we lost 2 of our best dancing robots in a time machine, have you seen them?”


We always share nick n jeppe any day any where since 2010 when we first found you with the Denmark vids (calfornia says hello.) I’ve shown a few of my friends since then and wanted to see more, specifically more of the double hand illusion and anti-gravity stuff, we’ll the other night we just finally watched the Oct 27th upload (in white costumes) the 4 of us watching were dying. one thing after the next, that routine blew us away! i been dancing since 96 but never seen something like that! ++”


“SCANNING…. TARGET LOCATED… UNABLE TO FIND….LOCATION PINPOINTED….LAND OF EPICNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! PRIMARY DIRECTIVE:FIND AND DOWNLOAD MOVES OF AWESOMENESS. And that is all the robot wrote before he left and exploded in my yard, because that was so awesome!”


“These guys define the laws of bossness”