Questions and answers

What’s with the “100 mill. views”..? I only see about 27 mill. views on your channel?

If you search on “Robotboys”, “Nick and Jeppe” or “Robotdrengene” you will see, that our shows and tv-clips are copied widely.
We try to keep the material on our own channel, but we can’t always control clips from tv – and some of those uploads from others have gotten a LOT of views – though the video quality is sometimes quite low (always go to our channel for best quality 😉 )
The 2 most popular clips has 19 and 20 mill views here in the beginng of 2015..
Last we tried to counted we could document more than 100 mill. views of our videos – now we have stopped counting 😉

Who makes your music?

The music design is a crucial part of our shows. We design the music along with the choreography to make it look like the music is making the dance happen.
We make most of our music ourselves – and sometimes mix it with other music in a mashup (like in the Dubstepic show). When that is the case, the music you can buy from Itunes is only the part we added to the original track.
You can find a list of what music in used where HERE

Where can I find Robotboys’ music?

On Itunes or other digital platforms e.g. Junodownload, Zune Marketplace.
The album is called ROBOTBOYS: The Music
– and additional music will be added from time to time

Go to Music page for details.

When are you coming to USA (Australia, Malaysia..etc)..?

We get a lot of offers from agents, events, festivals all the time. Sometimes people who ask us to come haven’t realized that we live in Denmark, Europe and not in their country, so – not all offers end up in an actual show.
But all offers are considered and negotiated – and sometimes a new possibility occurs in that country later on.
Different countries have different laws, rules and regulations concerning artists from abroad – for example it is difficult to get the necessary work permit to go to USA for tours or shows.

BUT HEY! LATEST NEWS: We are in USA from March 1st 2016 and the coming 6 months – in Las Vegas! Go to Now & Next for more details 😉

Could you please publish your tour schedule?

Though we travel a lot, plans change fast. And not all shows are public, so we might not be allowed to publish – or the local organizer wants to publish themselves, because of the surprise effect. A tour schedule of confirmed, public shows would be full of empty spaces.

But rest assure, we work all the time! When we are not travelling, we prepare new shows, compose the music, design the costumes, work out the choreography etc. – and there are great things in the pipeline.
And we always publish on Facebook if/when we are allowed to let yall know what is going on 😉

Why can’t I get all the music from all your shows?

We can only publish music we have the copyright to. And we also have to consider what is suited for listening when not combined with dancing.

How do you feel about people copying your music and choreographies?

That depends on where and how.
We feel honoured that we inspire others to dance, and that they find our shows worth copying – as in trying to actually perform the dance yourself.
On the other hand we really appreciate if you tell the world who made it in the first place. It is not okay to take credit for other peoples creative work. And watch out, some people get very angry – look at comments on this one, haha 😉
But as long as you give credit to creators of materials and you want to use the material in a non-commercial way, for instance for a school show, fine with us. But please use your own name as title if you upload a video.
As for the music we always ask people to please buy on Itunes, Amazon or the other digital platforms.

If you mean: copy our self-recorded Youtube videos and put them on your own channel: That is not okay and we kindly ask you not to do so. The consequence for us is that there would be suddenly maybe 10 copies out there in varying quality, each getting some – or many – views – insted of one copy on our own channel getting all the views, and therefore giving an honest picture of how it is received.

And you should not go on a talent show – or on a tour – and use our choreography professionally without our special permission.
Neither can you use our music publicly without paying the mandatory fees.

If you’re in doubt if it’s okay to use some of our material in a certain context, please write us and ask. You find contact info on the Contact page.

Why don’t you make tutorials? I would like to learn your moves!

We truly believe that all you need is Youtube and a big mirror – and a LOT of practice!
If you need instructions there are already many good tutorials out there – and if you get stuck, go to a workshop or a class with a local dancer/teacher.

It is a matter of time and how to spend it: We do give workshops from time to time, but creating new shows is our priority right now.

But check out our good friend Poppin’ John’s awesome tutorials at
– he is great, and we just did a video together!