We would like to present some of the people we have met and worked with so far!

(2014-15: Scroll down and see the latest news!!)

Steen Koerner – Eugene/Mr. Steen

Steen profil

Steen Koerner, f. 1968, Danish self-taught electric boogie-dancer, choreographer and director; co-founder of the streetdance-crew Out of Control 1987.
Here’s a Youtube video with old and new stuff about Steen.


Kenneth Fogel was the co-leader of this pioneer dance group.




Phax Said Ahamada
Phax Ahmada

– master of slow-motion.

Robotboys and Phax have performed together in several theatre shows – here a poster from “Columbines karneval”

Columbines karneval


In the first version of
“Pierrot the Vampire”
the Japanese popper Koichiro Mori
danced the title part.

Mori Tivoli


The following years Jeppe took over as Pierrot, VampyrenPjerrot
a silent movie-like police officer character was added for Nick…


..and the French dancer Salah joined the team. Our roads crossed before. Robotboys were part of the larger group Big City Brains that performed at Battle of the year in 2010 – watch Salahs review of that show here.


To the right: Our good friend Martin Jensen.
We have worked together a lot, e.g. in Big City Brains in Bilbao, Spain 2010.Big City m Martin



Another good friend is David Boyd – to some of you known as the singer from New Politics – but he started out as (brilliant!) dancer, and we worked with him on several occasions and in quite a few theatre shows!

David Boyd


Stephanie Nguyen

Waaaay back from first dance lesson we remember Stephanie – Lil Steph – who is now a dancer in Madonna’s crew!



Pandora menneskerobot
In a theater show from 2010 “Human Robot” we performed wih american popper Pandora (here with Martin) and Danish rapper Lucy Love, who also designed our costumes for the Dubstepic show.
Lucy Love



Margrete Vestager and Villy Søvndal are two Danish politicians who where later (October 3, 2011) to become respectively Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economic and Interior Affairs  and Foreign Minister under the government of Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

In this tv show ”The year that just passed” 2008 our job was to try to make them dance together on Danish national tv…



BBC 12 Rob

At UK B-Boys Championship in London we hooked up with old and new acquaintances
– Rob..

..and legend Storm

BBC12 w legend Storm

– and Greenteck
BBC 12 Greenteck


In Cairo we were accompanied by Jeppes brother Mik Thybo – producer and lead singer on Counting Each Beat (Human Tonight) on our album – check out his own band The HATS
Cairo apr12 photo opp

And last, but NOT least: All the people whose faces we don’t know who are a huge inspirational source: All the Youtube and Facebook users who contribute with feedback and comments!

We can’t read every single comment, but we keep an eye on you 😉
As a tribute to yall, here’s a few samples of the creative, inspirational, funny comments!


Behold: mini-portraits of the minions in our cast for “Det sidste show“!



Malthe is 18 (!!!), and like Nick & Jeppe educated by “grand old” Steen Koerner. First time Malthe played a leading role was at Pantomimeteatret when he was 15!
He has taken part in several of Steens theatre shows, i.e. Cykelmyggen Egon at Gasværket, Kassander loves dollars at Pantomimeteatret, H.C. Andersen in Tivolis koncertsal.
He has represented Danish culture on several trips, for example with the Danish crown prince in Chile and in China for the governor of Guangdong.
Malthe teaches atFlow Dance Academy and Hotstepper..and his students are lucky bastards!!

…And here’s minion number 2:

Ali Haydar, 17.
Born in Baghdad, Iraq.
Education: Flow Dance Academy.
Special skill: Freestyle hiphop experimental.
Member of the crew Freestyle Phanatix.
Recently performed in the show “Dejlig er haven” on Holbæk teater – also w/ Karl Bille (who will be presented later on).
Ali 1

Here’s minion number 3:
Lasse Løchte Ziebell, 23
We only recently got to know Lasse, as this is Lasse’s first performance on a larger stage. And his future plans are: To dance more!

Laase sjov

Minion number 4:

Emilie Brooklyn Holte, 18
Emilie educated from Flow Dance Academy and Steps.
Already an experienced dancer who has been part of several music videos, Fashion Week 2011-12-13, theatre show Forelsket i København etc
Member of the crew Floating Point.


Minion 5:

Anastasija Olescuka, 25, from Latvia, moved to Demark 3 years ago.
Bachelor in Sociology, dance education Hotstepper: Hip hop and Urban dance.
Started dancing in 2001 in a folk dance ensemble “Ivushka” that specialized in dances of different cultures, they were touring in Europe every year.
Since 2008 has been active in hip hop culture, has taken part in many battles, has won some of them (fx. SDK street dance camp Baltic Preselection and others). She is the main hip hop foundation teacher at Hotstepper Dance Education, also a member of organization CLASHcph that regularly organizes battles, dance events and recently organized a big international event “CLASHcph hip hop dance festival 2014” in Copenhagen. Has also been part of music videos and many dance performances in Latvia and Denmark.


And last, but not least: Minion nr. 6

Ibrahim F. Madsen, 19
Ibrahim went to The Royal Danish Ballet School and later to Flow Dance Academy.
Has been part of several theatre shows, i.e. HC Andersen  Tivoli Gardens’ Concert Hall and as a dancer for Danish singer Burhan G. at DMA.

Also on stage is the character Mandark – played by Karl Bille, who has worked on stage since he was 10. He has appeared in several Danish movies (Drengene fra Skt. Petri, Kærlighed Ved Første Hik 1-5…) and made a lot of tv shows for kids (Ludo, Container Conrad, Brødrene Mortensens Jul…).
Karl has released 2 CD’er in his own name and been a part of other artists projects (Robotboys, Szhirley, Trentemøller…), as producer, singer/songwriter and instrumentalist.
Karl has dione a great job developing sketches, characters, co-written songs and so on..


Here’s someone crucial to our sound:
Thomas ”Tomzen” Dietl, 41: Audio director & music producer
Robotboys & Tomzen go back a looong time, working together on soundtracks to Got Talent 2008 and countless shows ( live and tv) ever since.
Tomzen is an experienced producer and sound designer working on feature films, commercials and first of all: video games like “HITMAN” (Absolution, Bloodmoney og Contracts) “KANE AND LYNCH 1-2” og “MOVIESTAR PLANET” – doing creative work with art directors, programmers, producers and brand/marketing experts.
Tomzen was nominated for the advertising industry’s “True Award” in 2014 for best sound design.