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Next up:

We’ve just been to Paris to perform in a show called LE PLUS GRAND CABARET DU MONDE. It will be broadcast on tv channel “France 2” this Saturday (febr. 26th) at 9:05 pm!


We think it is only possible to watch if you’re in France..? But if they put a clip on their website, we will post the link.



Robotboys are FINALLY went to USA! performing in Las Vegas at Theater V in The Ultimate Variety Show and Zombie Burlesque.

V show_reduceret



We got invited by dance-crew Brodas Bros to perform a week in Barcelona along with a lot of great dancers – lovely city, great venue! Click here for more Barcelona-photos



We could finally release an album with music from our theatre show! You are sooo welcome to support us by purchasing our music here:

Itunes  or
Amazon  or
GooglePlay  or any other digital platform


We played around with some new ideas – you can se the result in this Youtube playlist called PLAYHOUSE


Finally our dream came true out theatre play “Det sidste show” opened on the Dansih theatre Aveny-T..see MORE PHOTOS HERE

2014 RECAP

Our own full night theatre show!!
This has been a drem for us ever since we started, and NOW we are finally getting there!
In Copenhagen this is what the theatre Aveny-T looks like today:
and we are extremely proud and can’t wait to show the world what we have been working on for the last 18 month – music, dialogue, songs, lyrics, the works..
it’s gonna be LEGENDARY!
And when we are done in Denmark we hope tobring it to all of you in the rest of the world 😉
Go to the People & Places-page and scroll down to see members of the cast in the days to come..yeah..!!!

Earliar this year:

In Octobber:

We’re flying high after the show yesterday – can’t wait to show you the video!!
Thrilled to show you a little of what’s going down in January!!
More photos will be up later, but here’s one with the whole crew
foto 17

In September:

In 2012, we won the Copenhagen Choreographer’s Competition with our show “InstruMentality”.
This year, we are going to enter again – and this time we will bring more robots: The show will be a little preview of what’s going down in January 2015 (when our big theatre show opens).
These guys (and girl) will perform with us at CCC: Malthe Ørsted, Ali Haydar, Emilie Holte, Robin Bawer, Ibrahim Madsen og Nicky Andersen
minions før ccc

We performed in German tv, ZDF live show “Fernsehgarten”

In July:

We had the great pleaure of performingat  a dance festival in Verona, Italy.
Take a look at the venue – open air Teatro Romano  – it is fantastic!


At June 6th: We performed at
Varieté Pegasus, Bensheim (60 km from Frankfurt,. Germany)

Later in June:
While working on our biiiiig theatre show for 2015 we took a little break and performed  at


In May:

We had the honour of being opening act at the second Eurovision Contest semi final show on Thursday May 8th – a medley based on the famous Danish composer Jakob Gade and his VERY famous tune, “Tango Jalouise”

Finally our audition for Britain’s Got Talent recorded back in February was aired – see it here in a (very!) short version..or go here to see our own recording of the full show.
Unfortunately we didn’t see ourselves on this chart – so: GOOD LUCK to the semi finalists 😉
Hope to entertain you brits some other time!!

BGT vente2

April 8th
We had a great evening performing at a Google event in Copenhagen – go see more photos HERE


February 18th

When we released the album “The Music” in 2011, we did not put full tracks from the shows out there. We didn’t think people would be interested in anything more tan “highlights”.

But it seems we were wrong: So many of you have asked for a looooong time about the full tracks for the semifinal (Alfa), the Instrumentality mix, Pumpin’ Iron from the Poppin John-video and so on..
We are happy to announce that we have released a lot of new tracks on Itunes, and all other digital platforms (Zune Marketplace, Junodownload and so on..)

We get a lot of questions from people who want to use our music. Please note:
If you have downloaded from a legal source (see above) and you credit us (tell the public or Youtube viewers the title of the music and who made it) – then we are only happy you get inspired and want to use it!
Yayh! Ta-daaaaa
PS: Yes, theres a spelling error in DubstEpic on Itunes…


February 16th

While waiting for spring we have NOT fallen asleep!
We are actually very busy, but we can’t tell you yet what we are preparing as it is all TOP SECRET.

Apart from that our latest video TYPEWRITER – where Jeppe has gone news reporting – had some technical flaws, so we had to re-upload. That means we lost all your views an comments…feel free to go back and comment again 😉


January 30th
Hello folks!

NOW X-mas is over!
And you can tell,
cause Nick shaved his beard off!
End of Nick' beard

2013 RECAP

December 17th:
Hello folks! X-mas isn’t over!
Documentary up now!
A lot of you have been asking for it, and now it is on it’s way!
A film crew from the fine international broadcasting channel Deutsche Welle (dw.de) followed us one day as we were practicing a new show.
We are excited to see what they came up with!!

November 23th:
Robotboys performed at the National Championships in Breakdance in Horsens, Denmark.
You can see more about the event here. It was sooooo great!!!

Photo by Bahadir Badi Berber

Photo by Bahadir Badi Berber

November 1-4th:

We went to the famous Daidogei World Cup in Japan! Yayh!



October 23th: We’ve been playing with our good friend Poppin’ John from USA – and here’s the awesome video we made together. It’s going viral right now – It got more than a million views in 30 hours!
It’s a crazy experience and we love it!!

October 12th: If you are in Germany, you should watch RTL at 20:15 (8:15 PM) and see our latest show. Unfortunately, it can only be seen in Germany..at least for now..


Pusha T and Kelly Rowland has sampled a beat from our “Audition” track for their brand new song “Let Me Love You” – and it’s out now!
Yayh go go go

A Danish music magazine, GAFFA, wrote about it here: http://gaffa.dk/nyhed/76985

August 30th:
Here’s a little Dubstepic-update we made for French television
LATEST: This video seems to have been taken down now. Nothing we can do about it – it was not our own upload. But you can see it was there 😉

June 14th:

Yeah, yeah..another day at the office..same old same old..


We’re off to Paris in France.

On a top secret mission, but all will be revealed in due time!

Paris1 13

May 2013

May is work-work-work and preparation.

May 11th is the day where the tv show “Starking” that we recorded back in February along with these guys will be aired in South Korea. We hope you like it!

BWB Crew
In the show we battle BWB (Blue Whale Brothers) poppin crew. The show is known for creative editing – we’re excited to see the result ;-)[/wpcol_1third_end

14th of AprilSchool Dance Battle 2013

For the third time in a row, Six Step GmbH, in cooperation with AOK Rheinland / Hamburg organized another edition of the School Dance Battle in the famous tanzhaus NRW in Dusseldorf.

15 dance crews from the urban dance scene were battling, Robotboys was there as munchers..judges and doing a showcase!


JeppeLong made a solo..

12th of April: Mostly for the Danes: Robotboys optrådte på De kongelige Teaters Gamle Scene på Kongens Nytorv fredag d 12. april kl 20 – sammen med en masse andre kunstnere som en del af Hübberiet, som man kan læse mere om her:
Robotboys performed on The Royal Danish Theatre’s fantastic old stage  in Copenhagen

Kgl fortæppe
KGL teater loft

along with a lot of other artists in a show called “Hübberiet” – put together by the ballet chef, Nikolaj Hübbe.
spejlfoto hübberiet
Dubstepic slut kgkl

5th of April: Robotboys performed in Rennes, France at Club La Suite’s birthday party – here:

Theme seemed to be “Angles & Deamons..”

You should think we knew how to open a bottle of champagne by now without ruining the costumes, but..well..

On March 28th on Danish National TV DR1 15:15 (3:15 pm) the childrens cirkus show from last summer Cirkus Summarum 2012 was aired. The show is run by an organisation “Muskelsvindfonden”, that – among other things – helps seriously ill children lead as normal a life as possible

cirkussum børn
Cirkussum cowboyballoons
We were space cadets and cowboys – great fun!

On Sunday March 17th we assisted our collegue Tonya in a tv show called “The Secret Steps” on Danish TV2.
An Old Boys Soccer Team tries to learn how to dance – and we show them what a battle is before they perform for friends and family. (Photo from Ritzau)

De Hemmelige Trin


In February 2013 we have visited Qatar for a number of shows at Spring Festival in Souk Waqif in Doha.
modtagelse Qatar

Market, Qatar

Right after that: a loooong flight but a short stay in South Korea performing on the tv show Starking!


Travelling half way round the globe makes you a liiiitle speedy..

..but the cool cats here are Blue Whale Brothers poppin crewBWB Crew